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Masters Recap

Once again, the Masters lived up to its lofty expectations as being the pinnacle of the golf world.  A 21 year old with no fear lapped the field.  That sounds eerily familiar doesn't it?  Jordan Spieth made a fan of me and everyone else.  He is a top notch competitor and an even better human being.  I learned a few things this week:

  • Jordan Spieth is amazing.  In two Masters appearances he has finished first and second.
  • Tiger Woods surprised everyone with his play.  He somehow found his short game and it once agained saved his scores.  He would have shot in the 80's easily with the way he hit the golf ball
  • Phil Mickelson continues to dazzle at the Masters.  I've heard of horses for courses before, but Phil takes it to a new level
  • Augusta National can play easy (for the best in the world!).  When it's soft, the best of the best can score.  When Tiger Woods can miss fairways by 100 yards and still make a birdie, something is wrong.  I say add some rough and tighten the fairways.  It's worked for the U.S. Open.  These guys can put more spin on the ball from the pine needles than they can from the fairway.  Imagine trying to hold those crazy greens with a five iron out of 3 inch Bermuda rough.  Now that would cause some concern for missing a fairway...
  • Rory McIlroy is awesome.  This guy shot 40 on a 9 this week and still finished at 12 under par.  Did I mention he shot 66 on Sunday playing with Tiger?  Any other year, his score would have good enough to win this tournament.
  • Jack Niclaus and Gary Player can still hit the ball fairly well at 75 and 79 years old respectively.  It was great to see them with Arnie again this week. 
  • I love the Par 3 Contest.  Its one of the coolest traditions I've ever seen.  It was also a breath of fresh air to see Tiger out there with his children.  It made me wish I could take my two daughters there to play.

The Masters is a truly special event.  We now have a few weeks of "Masters Hangover" but before long we will have big events again.  It will be interesting to see how Jordan handles the whirlwind of events that transpire after winning the Masters.  Some players never recover but I have a sneaky feeling he won't follow in their foot steps.  Until next year, so long Augusta.