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The Work Has Started!

I am PUMPED!  Why, you ask?  Well, our close to 1 million dollar improvement project has officially started!  You read that right.  We have started our state-of-the-art irrigation project.  You may have heard me call it that before but let me explain.  Delcastle is now one of only 8 courses in the COUNTRY that will have this type of irrigation system.  What makes it state-of-the-art?  For starters, gone is the use of traditional plastic or galvanized steel pipes.  Our system uses HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) piping that is commonly used in sewers and gas lines.  Traditional irrigation systems use hard plastic or steel pipes which require tons of cuts, joints, clamps, and more to put it all together.  This leads to a shorter life span and more opportunity for breaks.  HDPE pipe is flexible and is fused together using heat and has a life expectancy of over 60 years!  It is SO COOL!  The entire system can be controlled by an iPad and allows for us to water the ENTIRE golf course while being much more efficient with our water usage.  That's right, it's better for the environment as well! 

We will, for the first time ever, be able to water ALL of the playable surfaces at Delcastle.  Yes, that includes the rough (sorry for you golfers that liked hitting from the dry rough that Delcastle used to have in the summer months).  The project began in earnest about 10 days ago and is slated to be fully completed by early December. 

We will also be improving our bunkers, doing some much needed tree work, and repairing several cart paths. 

We are OPEN FOR PLAY during this project.  We will have a hole or two closed every day but we are offering some amazing "Play All Day" specials to combat this.  For $35 ($40 on weekends) you get unlimited golf and cart on the day of purchase, a sleeve of golf balls, and a hot dog.  What a deal!

We can't wait to show off the NEW and IMPROVED Delcastle.  Swing on by and check out our progress!

Happy Golfing!