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Winter Has Arrived

Old Man Winter has arrived with a vengeance.  Extremely cold temperatues coupled with a few inches of snow are enough to push golf to the back of anyone's mind but not the team at Delcastle!  We are working harder than ever to provide cutting edge programs and offers for our guests.  We have expanded our online store to include Gift Cards, Delaware Advantage Cards, Delcastle Player's Packs, Delcastle Range Express Cards, and even 2015 Memberships!  You should click on the store link at the top of the web page and see everything we offer.  We will even ship the purchase right to your door!  We will be adding lessons and merchandise in the very near future so stay tuned.

This time of the year is also a great time to work on the fundamentals of the golf swing.  Take a golf club with you to the office or keep one around the living room and spend some time working on your grip.  The benefits of this are much like when a football player is instructed to carry a football around with them wherever they go.  You will develop superb muscle memory that will lead to an immediate payoff when spring arrives and you step out on the course for the first round of the year.  Holding the club won't feel alien and you will have a TON of confidence! 

Another great way to stay in "golf shape" is to do stretching exercises.  These can be done at any time and even while watching TV!  Search the internet for "golf specific stretches" and you will find a TON of great stretches that will benefit you tremendously. 

Finally, nothing beats old fashioned practice.  The Delcastle Driving Range is open year round even if there is snow on the ground! 

Happy New Year!